gift set dance

Work is such an important ethic in life. It fulfills our gifts and talents, enables us to serve others and in most cases generates an income.

Work is a value sort by many all around the world.

So when our ethic and choices direct others to similar opportunities, a natural chain reaction of unity happens.

Here we have an original design Fair Trade artisan-painted ceramic side plate from South Africa with Kara Martin’s new book  “Workship” that ignites our path to better understanding of why we work and its value in our lives. Together they impart thought, understanding and an action of unity.

A jewel of a gift for an 'ethically minded Mum' who loves to read.


Each sideplate is different,  in colours chosen by the African lady who hand-painted it. They are vibrant with their own sway! 



  •  If you want to write your special message look at this fair trade card 
  •  Plate Size –  18.5 x 12 cm, is food, dishwasher and microwave safe.


Made by Kapula Ceramics, South Africa; Handmade – Fair trade

The ceramics are poured into a mould, then hand-painted. During the whole process, the mugs are fired three times, creating a glossy finish that is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Most of the crafters come from the local community where unemployment is high. Of the 120 workers, 90% are women, who have been working with the organisation for almost 10 years.