Ethiopian blend coffee subscription 250 g for 24 deliveries

Ethiopian blend coffee subscription 250 g of 24 deliveries, including post, you name the time period of fortnightly, monthly or bi monthly.

No need to lift a finger to reorder but yours is only to be pleasantly surprised as you come home to see it waiting on your doorstep.

Feel free to pause this subscription at any time while you go on holidays or for whatever reason. We look forward to serving you!

Want more than just coffee or would you like to save some post costs but receiving less frequent deliveries? Add other daily needs by adding tea, chocolates, fair trade cards and soap. Click here to follow to fill in this simple form and receive a quote for all your needs at any quantity and timing you would like.

As someone who loves fresh, quality coffee and the farmer who grew it we offer you our Fairtrade coffee subscription. Consistently receive quality ethical coffee to your door.

You can enjoy:

  • Coffee that is genuinely fresh arriving at your door!
  • the pleasant surprise of a new bag of coffee each week, fortnight or month
  • no need to go online and order anymore
  • a simple choice that brings far reaching benefits to the farmers
  • No “who didn’t pick up some more coffee” tantrums at home!!



Ethiopian Blend Fairtrade coffee in 250g in bean or ground

A rich distinctive fully bodied Fairtrade blend from a band of fairly trade farmers around the globe. The dark roast performs wonderfully using espresso, delivering a rich full crema and deep flavours. The mild roast is a great crowd pleaser in the percolator or stove top bringing a full flavoured coffee that is not too overpowering for the milder paletes.


Our Ethiopian Blend Fairtrade coffee is rated as our strongest coffees with the slight acidity that many coffee lovers look for. In the mild roast it performs well for large groups, not being too strong for those of more delicate pallets while having a nutty flavour for the connoisseurs.


At a recent conference that we baristed for an American self described 'globe trotter' came back for three long blacks in a row. When he mentioned his recent visit to the first ever Starbucks store he added "this is better than anything they can deliver!"

Give it a try and see what you think!


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