Ethiopian Blend Fairtrade Coffee 250g

Ethiopian Blend Fairtrade coffee - 250g.
Ideal for home, a small office or small church.
Cupping Notes from our roaster
Ethiopian Blend – Dark roast
"Bold, full bodied and robust flavours dominate the first taste of this exquisite blend. This is an intense blend with deep caramel and toffy praline sweetness superbly balance against the rich dark chocolate undertones. A long, smooth rich aftertaste."

Ethiopian Blend – Light roast
"The strength in this blend is beautifully balanced against the sharp acidity, which is greatly enhanced by the lighter roast. There’s a lot going on in this blend, a complex combination of sweet berry fruits and nutty tones in the aroma,  warm spice (think Cardamom) and a delicate floral finish."

Our Ethiopian Blend Fairtrade coffee is rated as our strongest coffee with good balance of acidity.
Heritage of this blend
When the popularity of the Ethiopian Harrar coffee bean went through the roof in the coffee drinking world, supply issues meant that other options had to be sought. With this in mind, we sat down with Fairtrade beans from around the world to create the closest possible match to this well loved single origin.
Our Specialty Roaster, Lane, has been servicing both cafes and individuals in both Australia and overseas for more than 26 years now. He lends his skills to the roasting and blending so that quality need not be compromised when choosing ethical coffee.

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