Ethiopian Blend Fairtrade Coffee 250g

Ethiopian Blend Fairtrade coffee by the 250g  
Rich Blend
A rich, distinctive full bodied Fairtrade blend from a band of fairly paid farmers around the globe.
  • The dark roast performs in the espresso machine, delivering a rich full crema and deep flavours.
  • The mild roast is a great crowd pleaser in the percolator or stove top bringing a full flavoured coffee that is not too overpowering for the milder palates.
Cupping Notes Background cherry notes. Flavors begin with cherry and finish lemony. A fruity coffee with a deep, spicy flavor. It has medium/heavy body, sweet aroma and chocolates finish. Our Ethiopian Blend Fairtrade coffee is rated as our strongest coffee with good balance of acidity.
Heritage of this blend
when the popularity of the Ethiopian Harrar went through the roof in the coffee drinking world supply issues meant that other options had to be sought. With this we sat down with beans from around the world to create the closest possible match to this well loved single origin. 
Our roaster, Lane, has been servicing both cafes and individuals in both Australia and overseas for more than 26 years now. He lends his skills and roasters to this blend in finding the most complimentary roast in both mild and dark.

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