Fair Trade gift set follow your heart

"our hearts can inspire greatness, sweep aside adversity, break new ground and draw others along with us"

A little gift pack to cheer our hearts to remember yes, we are apart, yet together. A gift where we can enjoy time out. Brew your chai, sit in the sun, sip and ponder what this time next will be like or what can I create today.

You receive

  • a handcrafted, hand-painted protea plate
  • 1 Bennetto Fairtrade chocolate  100g
  • 1 handcrafted Fairtrade, organic chai  125g


Bennetto Chocolate is a symbol of the way we seek to treat our people, animals and planet” is the heart call of Lucy Bennetto, from NZ, who crafts her chocolate with a full commitment to ethical production.

  • The Fairtrade cocoa bean comes from a long standing Fairtrade cooperative called Acopagro, in Peru, who supports opportunities for women, education and reforestation in the Amazon, while growing vibrant, fruity, organic cocoa.
  • Part of this, is nurturing the ecosystem, which is why they have the playful Amazonian birds on the front cover.

A win-win for people and environment, where your choice builds life at home and South America.

Ingredients – Cocoa beans 60%, raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, candied orange peel (sugar, glucose syrup, orange peel), chilli flavour,  Madagascar vanilla beans.

(may contain traces of milk, hazelnuts, almonds and soy)


ethical ~ crafted ~ organic ~ delicious


Made by Bennetto Natural Food, NZ, in Switzerland and available in Australia – it is here the carbon is offset.