fair trade kitchen pot scrubber

A handy natural fibre pot scrubber, made from coconut husk fibre (the husk of the shell), that can be safely used to scrub non-stick pans, saucepans and stainless steel kitchen sinks.

Our kitchen sink sparkles every time I give it scrub to finish the day.

The benefits of coconut fibre are ~

  • it's naturally anti-bacterial - meaning it won’t become smelly and mouldy
  • not plastic
  • bio-degradable - at end of life put it into your compost or bury in the garden


For a good clean put it in the dishwasher (top shelf), then leave on the dish rack to air dry and occasionally let it dry in the sun.

Not only is this environmentally safe and sustainable, its Fair Trade too.

Its part of Tribes and Nations commitment to have everyday useful items that is fair trade for everyday living.

Handmade in Sri Lanka for Import Ants - an endorsed trader of Fair Trader of Australia (FToA) 

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