Fairtrade coffee capsules The Scotty

Here we have it, a fairtrade, organic coffee in a totally plant based capsule and lid that can be put into your recycle bin.

The Scotty has subtle overtones of sweet plum cocoa, and has a 5 out 5 intensity rating. It is Nespresso compatible, with 10 capsules in each box.

It comes in the highest quality single origin coffee blend of Colombia, Peru, Honduras and East Timor.

As they say 'ethical luxury ...in every cup. A win-win for all.

 Measurement - 10 pod, 53g net.

Certification - Fairtrade, ACO organic, Carbon Neutral, B-Corporation.

It is made by Jasper - who believe in Fairtrade and Organic. They are a 'B' certified business as well as carbon neutral. The spirit of this Australian business is Exploration, Adventure, Obsession in every cup!

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