FairTrade Coffee Subscription Sampler pack

Fairtrade Coffee Subscription Sampler pack

As someone who loves fresh, quality coffee and the farmer who grew it we offer you our Fairtrade coffee subscription. Consistently receive quality ethical coffee to your door.

You can enjoy:

  • Coffee that is genuinely fresh arriving at your door!
  • the pleasant surprise of a new bag of coffee each week, fortnight or month
  • no need to go online and order anymore
  • a simple choice that brings far reaching benefits to the farmers
  • No “who didn’t pick up some more coffee” tantrums at home!!

Getting Started

To get you started we send you a selection of 3 coffees (value of $32.70) for just $29 plus post. Once you know the flavour of your choice send us an email and we will set up your subscription.

Beyond the “set and forget” convenience of this subscription you will receive

3 months and/or 6 deliveries^ delivery at 5% off list price or

6 months and or 12 deliveries delivery at 10% off the list price or

12 months and/or 24 deliveries at 15% off the list price.

Post prices will be $6.95 for one parcel containing one to two 250g pouches or $11 for kilo deliveries Australia wide (up to 3kg per delivery). See the table below for some indications of a fortnightly subscription delivery cost's.

Want more than just coffee? Add other daily needs to your fair trade delivery by adding tea, chocolates, fair trade cards and soap.

Ready to go right now? Return to the subsciptions page and make your fortnightly coffee subscription choice. If you would like to add more items, change the delivery frequency or quantity click on this link to fill in our form. We will send you a confirmation invoice. Once payment is made your subscription will begin.      

You may put your subscription on hold at any time. You also may change up to another coffee or to a less expensive coffee via a “chocolates in return deal” where we will send a bar of chocolates of your choice in lieu of the lesser priced coffee.                                      

Some examples of our various packages and their pricing



6 deliveries including post

12 deliveries including post

24 deliveries including post

Ethiopian blend 250 g




Honduran organic 250 g






Ethiopian blend

1 kg




Honduran organic 1 kg







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