Fairtrade organic chai tea chocolate blend

If you enjoy a rich cup of Chai, where east meets west, this is it.


"This is no milkshake! sweet cinnamon, cardamom, star-anise, raw cacao nibs and whole vanilla beans are blended with the malty black Assam black tea, that is then soaked in honey ".....

..... the word is ...Yumm !


Depending on which flavour you choose, the Fairtrade tea from Assam, India is blended in Australian raw honey or ginger or Cacao, and other treats to give us a delicious brew.

And its all handcrafted in the Sunshine Coast of Queensland.



The YES for this producer is -


its 100% organic, - its “Good for You & The Planet

  • We don’t want to mess up someone else’s backyard just so we can drink chai”

- its local - Wherever We Can!

  • We minimise food miles and like to get to know our farmers.”

- its “Fairtrade – Good for Others

  • Buying Fairtrade certified products enables producers to have fair prices and decent working conditions.”

We start with the freshest 100% Organic Fairtrade whole spices, stone grind them to release the aroma and flavor, then preserve the full vibrant flavour of the spices in local organic raw honey.  

Add organic long leaf tea leaves and either warming ginger, rich Daintree cacao or whole vanilla bean pieces and the result is a sticky, delectable concoction with a flavour that just gets better and better the longer it sits.”


We couldn’t say it better.

Our chai definitely has..

  • NO numbers  

  • NO flavours

  • NO powders

  • NO sugar

  • NO junk!

Meaning, its made from fresh ingredients, rather than additives, powders and sugars ...


weight  - 125g... Fairtrade and organic


If you enjoy a rich cup of true Chai, especially when you want some down-time, this is worth a try.

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