Socks that treat HIV in pregnant women

These Fairtrade cotton socks provide 7 days HIV therapy to pregnant women in Africa.

The socks are designed in New York and made in India with Fairtrade organic cotton.

Suits Men's size 8-13 or Women's 9-14


Through their mix of content, events, grassroots organizing and extensive reach through digital channels, Global Citizen has affected the lives of 656 million people. Global citizens have an impact on ending extreme poverty through the actions they take.The effects of small actions are not always obvious, but by working together specific and tangible outcomes are achieved. Global citizens' voices influence world leaders and decision makers, and contribute to shaping our world. And now, your socks help do the same.

    Made in Fair trade conditions

    Well paid adult staff - NO child labor

    Audited by the business Social Compliance initiative

    Organic cotton grown to the Global Organic Textile Standard

    Meets Oeko -Text Confidence in Textile standards for harmful substances

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