green olive tapenade SOLD OUT

Nabali green olive tapenade - handmade artisan quality from the land of milk and honey.  Lively - rich - complex 

  • It is one that needs to be tried to taste the difference. 

Mash this tapenade with an anchovie or two, along with more capers for a sultry dressing for new potatoes or on toast for a grown up boiled egg brunch.

  • All the ingredients come from community farmers and has USA Fairtrade "fair for life'  and Organic certification.

Ingredients are - Nabali  green olives, wild capers, olive oil, lemon juice and salt.

Measure - 180g

Canaan Fair Trade helps farmers stay on their land.  It is produced by farmer cooperatives that are members of the Palestine Fair Trade Association. We guarantee fair prices to farmers and reinvest a portion of our profits in development projects that serve farming communities.



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