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live well and live fair:  enjoy a  'growgood - live fair'  set

Fairtrade Teabags | Live Fair Reflection Booklet |Fairtrade Dark Chocolate

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Live Fair is the first in the series of growgood booklets developed by one of Australia’s Fair Trade pioneers, Mignonne Murray, to take people on a journey of seeing how they can enrich their lives through small decisions taken daily.  

“I wanted to help people see purpose in the ordinary and realise they could make a difference by living with the poor in mind. Our daily decisions are like seedpods, heritage seeds which can grow good in our lives and in the lives of those around us.” - Mignonne.

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The growgood - live fair booklet has faith notes, family and/or group activities, along with thoughts to ponder. The tea is Tribes and Nations’ bestselling, which has 100 Scarborough Fair Fairtrade Pure Ceylon Black Teabags, is free of chemicals and preservatives and the block of chocolate is another favourite: Bennetto Fairtrade Dark Chocolate (100g).

As an option, you can chose which chocolate flavour you would like, and let us know in the comments section.

Thank you for taking a minute to think about the difference you make each time you sip a hot cup of refreshing Fairtrade tea. 


Fairtrade Certified tea means you can really relax knowing that your choice has empowered rather than exploited the workers who produced your tea, supporting families who are often from some of the poorest areas of the world. For more information see Fairtrade Tea benefits.

To explore more tea options, see our Fairtrade Tea Selection

“Every-time you drink a cup of Fairtrade tea or enjoy Fairtrade chocolate, you are impacting someone's life for the better. You can't help but feel good, knowing you are growing good. ”  Mignonne.

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