growgood livefair mini~zine

Make a cup of fresh tea, find a comfy spot, nibble a little chocolate t0 taste and see what 'live fair' is about. A mini-zine for beginners and the strong who live with purpose in mind.

"Live Fair is the first in the series of growgood mini-zines I seek to develop for understanding how our actions send out a hundred fold ripple effect to others on this good earth. We all have a role to play on this earth. When we understand and hold this truth, change happens. My passion for travel and love of those who are underprivileged has carved out my life path. I have learnt many things along the way. This learning is what I seek to share. “ - Mignonne

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You receive ~
  • The growgood - live fair mini-zine that has some faith notes, which I make no excuse, but is open to anyone who wishes to live with more purpose in life. It includes activities for families and open groups.
  • Scarborough Fair Fairtrade Pure Ceylon Black 100 Teabags, is free of chemicals and preservatives.
  • And one  Bennetto Fairtrade Dark Chocolate (100g).

                     Taste and see for your self today


Fairtrade Certified tea means you can really relax knowing that your choice has empowered rather than exploited the workers who produced your tea, supporting families who are often from some of the poorest areas of the world. For more information see Fairtrade Tea benefits.

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“Every-time you drink a cup of Fairtrade tea or enjoy Fairtrade chocolate, you are impacting someone's life for the better. You can't help but feel good, knowing you are growing good. ”  Mignonne.