journal less is more


 Its a simple hard cover journal with recycled paper pages. You can be creative as you wish on the cover and the inside pages. The topic 'less is more' is talked about widely these days. A book that I have read and keep, as a reference is " less is more" by Cecile Andrews and Wanda Urbanska. It is a collection of works by people who have been writing about simplicity for many decades and lived it them selves, long before it was actually known.

" Throughout history wise people have argued that we need to live more simply - that only by limiting outer wealth can we have inner wealth"

Maybe, you can get this book and while reading it jot some notes in this journal......

Measurement: 20cm x 14 cm

Pages: 40

STOCK - Sold


Group : EMC, Kolkata, India

EMC is an initiative where young women from the slums of Kolkata, India receive training and job opportunities. As well as theory and practical skills in tailoring and paper craft work, the women are taught English, business skills and values for life.

For more on the work of EMC and the culture of the sari click here



The best used saris are purchased from a central market and brought to EMS. There they are cut to size and the front and back patterns are chosen to compliment. From there 3 other layers of saris are quilted inside with the traditional running stitch of Bengal, the Katha (or Kantha).

Impact on poverty

Most of the sari blankets are created in the homes of women who have come out of tough places such as prostitution and drug addiction. The personal, spiritual and practical training EMC offers these ladies is a massive leg up into a dignified life. Working from home allows them to be flexible with their home duties but still bring an income into their households.

Let's not forget the on-seller of this sari, who has been in such a position as to need to sell their own clothing! That state is something to be contemplated!

Impact on the planet

One less thing manufactured from raw materials can only be good for this world! One less thing in landfill or polluting a street is even better.


and for you…

If your sari could talk to you about the life it has seen what a tale it would tell! The blessing for you, of this life-story, is that you get a soft, smooth, almost luxurious feeling cotton, one of kind item made from recycled saris’.  The satisfaction of knowing this very practical item has not cost the earth or its inhabitants is comforting. The most important fact is the woman who has handmade this item has been empowered to rise to a new level of life , which comes through your Fair Trade purchase. This special item can be used to tell your own story to your children, family and friends or give it away as an ethical gift.

Either way, we Thank You for making the difference.