natural fibre dust brush

A 100% natural fibre dust brush, with a good wooden handle for all the small jobs that need cleaning. You can use it anywhere really, we use ours to keep the fire place clean. We sweep the dust and bits that fall out, onto paper and throw it out.

Its made from coconut husk fibre (the husk of the shell). There is no chemical emissions from it and the bristles dont bend or flatten like the nylon one do. Its biodegradable and will last long, when look after, with a wash every now and then, then left in the sun to dry.

The coconut tree once again proves to be ecologically sustainable. It provides our needs today, including a productive life for the producer; sustaining good living for all.

Benefits of coconut fibre being used ~

  • it's naturally anti-bacterial - meaning it won’t become smelly and mouldy
  • not plastic
  • bio-degradable


Handmade in Sri Lanka for Import Ants - a Fair Trader of Australia

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