olive oil its a wrap

Delicious wholesome olive oil from the The Promised Land of Canaan. Each olive oil has a subtle flavour to dress your salads or marinate your meats. We believe good food made from quality ingredients adds goodness to life. 

Here we have added a fair trade tea towel for your kitchen or as a thank you gift wrapped with a difference.

You receive

  • 1 bottle of  Canaan Fair Trade olive oil wrapped in a tea towel, with a shipping tag, stating which olive oil it is. 
  •  Liquid measure 250g
  •  to use on salads, to cook at low to medium temperatures. or as in a marinade. 

 A little seasoning that is enriching the world.


Canaan Fair Trade Olive Oils helps farmers stay on their land.  It is produced by farmer cooperatives that are members of the Canaan Fair Trade Association. We guarantee fair prices to farmers and reinvest a portion of our profits in development projects that serve farming communities.

Canaan Fair Trade olive oils are naturally organic, as they have been for thousands of years. Ripe, fine selected native Palestine variety Surri olives are cold pressed and infused with chilli pepper prior to bottling.  

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