olive oil thyme

Deep, pure and delicious table Olive Oil from  Canaan Fair Trade, the land of milk and honey. The naturally organic,  native Surri olives are are blended with a collection of wild fresh thyme at pressing to give a fruity, herbal flavour.

Great over salads, poultry cold meats for sandwichs and sprinkled over baked or steamed vegetables.

Liquid weight - 250mls.


Canaan Fair Trade Olive Oils helps farmers stay on their land.  It is produced by farmer cooperatives that are members of the Palestine Fair Trade Association. We guarantee fair prices to farmers and reinvest a portion of our profits in development projects that serve farming communities.

Canaan Fair Trade olive oils are naturally organic, as they have been for thousands of years. Ripe, fine selected native Palestine variety Surri olives are cold pressed and infused with chilli pepper prior to bottling.  

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