Scarborough Fair Fairtrade Green Tea 500 sachets

Fairtrade and organic Green tea in sachet x 500 ....

Scarborough Fair have a commitment to bringing quality, Fair Trade-certified products to the mainstream market, at mainstream prices. 

As a Fairtrade product from Sri Lanka, a recent price drop in supply, due to COVID19, to secure better health and food security for workers, has enabled us to pass on this reduction with the new stock we have just taken on.

It was $55 per box of  500 enveloped tea bags, and now its $32.

COVID19 report May 2020,

from the Fairtrade Network of Asia and Pacific Producers… (NAPP)

As governments in most countries move towards reopening the economy with relaxed lock-down norms, people and businesses in the APAC try to balance between health and food security.

The spread of the virus continues and we will have to wait and watch the impact these relaxations have going forward. In the meantime our Program consultants are in constant touch with all members to help understand their needs and provide support.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka produces Fairtrade Tea, Flowers and Spices.

Tea: In Sri Lanka, the Tea plantations and the Nuwara Eliya district continue to be in the risk-free zone. Overall, the Tea industry is returning to near normal and all tea plantations have paid the April wages to their workers with no deductions.

One Fairtrade, bio-dynamic Tea Garden has requested and been granted permission to reduce supply rates, to better secure health and food security for the workers. “


Fairtrade Tea benefits

• Working communities who are not fearful to unionise and consult with management.
• A living wage for each worker.
• Schools, clinics, dispensaries built as a result of the democratically decided use of the Fairtrade premium.
• Pension schemes that allow workers to leave the estates post retirement.
• Microfinance schemes set up for the workers from the fairtrade premium.
• Minimum levels of housing for all estate workers.

Fairtrade gives farmers the ability to plan ahead knowing the price they will receive will take care of their families. Built into the Fairtrade system is a rule of buyers committing to the co-op for at least 3 harvests into the future and putting price estimates on those plans. This gives the farmers renewed abilities to grow their businesses. For more on the history of tea and the Fairtrade benefits CLICK HERE


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