swazi basket SOLD

"sea grass' is a stunning, handwoven basket that will decorate your dining table OR be piece of functional art on your coffee table.  Each individual creates his or her own design, making the design ' small is beautiful' come alive.

The individuality of these baskets make these little gems, beautiful wedding shower gifts.

Size – small – 8cms tall , 21 cms wide on top



From Rural Africa.

These baskets are true art from rural villages of Africa to you. They come from a fair trade home industry, supplementing a subsistence income.

African basket weaving is a social activity; community collecting, preparing the materials, weaving, talking and having a good time.  African people think and do community, where skills are honed, burdens shared and laughter had.

You will appreciate the Master-craft skill used to create this distinctive basket; using locally sourced Lutindzi grass to weave these baskets bowls for their and our domestic purposes. You will value the beauty and utility encompassed in each one for a long time.


Fair Trade, WFTO, Gone Rural, South Africa

Gone Rural’s vision is to empower women in the most remote areas of Swaziland, using creativity to ignite change on a community level. They have sustainable, home-based work 760 women.

They are members of the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO)

“As we work, we braid the strands together, just as our mothers and grandmothers have dome before us. Inspired by the past and created by the present, with the constant evolution of life, we weave together the elements, creating patterns and new possibilities.”